Chapter 1 (The Fancy Menace) Tips Game Guide/Walkthrough

As you walk north past the moose you will hear a loud scream to the east. If you cross the river by freezing it you will see a dead wizard and a spellbook next to him. That spellbook contains the Grease Magicka. I think the easiest way to freeze the lake is with an iceball. You just need to be careful if you’re playing in coop mode because it’s also an easy to way to freeze your teammates.


Once you get back to the east side of the river you will head north again and in a tower there’s a book that’s supposed to be unobtainable until Chapter 7. However, you can actually get it in Chapter 1 in a very very difficult manner. It involves “mine jumping” with the land mines.


You will then cross a broken bridge also by freezing the river. At this point you’ll reach the first checkpoint marker in the game. To the left of the checkpoint you will barely be able to see a soldier laying in the ground. It’s not necessary but you can talk to him and he’ll say something I thought was pretty funny.

Sleeping SoldierNext you’ll come up to a small village. If you talk to the lady with the ! mark on her head she’ll ask you to kill some “rats” for her. Doing so gives you an achievement. You have to keep her alive though. What I’ve found to be an easy way to accomplish this is to not enter the town via the front gate. Instead you walk around on the right and you’ll come upon the goblins you have to kill. Once you kill them, you then enter the village from the right and talk to the lady. She’ll thank you for killing the goblins for her.

Also in the village you can find the Staff of Life in the garden above the ! lady. The staff is pretty damn good. It will heal anyone within a certain range. This includes your enemies so just make sure you do more damage than you’re healing! The awesome thing is if you have a personal defense shield that you have self cast (E then Mouse3), it will automatically recharge it for you. Very useful.

In addition to the staff, there’s a fence that you can open up. If you walk through the wheat field all the way, you will find Excalibur. It’s in the stone and everything! By the way, to open the fence you just push on it. Shooting it with a rock will not work.

! LadyFinally, you’ll come up to Captain Bjorn’s camp. This is boss fight time! You’ll need to kill a huge Troll called Ygg. He’s a pretty easy boss to kill. After he’s been dispatched if the Captain is alive, he’ll give you his Captains Axe. If he’s dead you can just pick it up off the ground. In which case a soldier will run into the camp and tell you to move your butt to Havindr.

Captain Bjorn

And that’s Chapter 1!

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