Magicka has sold 200,000 copies! DLC is planned.

Whoa! Good numbers for an indy game. Can’t wait for some DLC! Also an editor for custom content would be amazing.

The planned DLCs would include free and paid. Definitely exciting news.

Read more at:

Magicka Tips Site News. Also cute girls singing Missing You by Tamia

Ok well the Chapter 1 guide/walkthrough has been completed. Starting on Chapter 2. Hopefully more updates coming soon. Been real busy as of late. Thanks for visiting Magicka Tips!

Oh yeah, translations are available if you select from the available languages in the right “Translations” menu. If you have a language you’d like to see, please leave a comment and I’ll see what’s available.

Also I saw this video on youtube of these cute girls. Just wanted to share. Love the accents.

Chapter 1 (The Fancy Menace) Tips Game Guide/Walkthrough

Here’s the first of in a series of Chapter tip guides/walkthroughs. I’ll try to cover the special weapons/staffs, hidden items, etc.

Chapter 1 (The Fancy Menace) begins with a short tutorial on the game focusing on the basic elements. You can walk around the building a little bit and talk to some the NPCs. You officially begin the tutorial when you get the room where the party is happening and fall through the floor.

TutorialOnce you begin the tutorial you can actually skip it by going to the menu and selecting the “Banana!?” Option. Banana is the safe word lol. Also the !? is called an interrobang. Just a fun trivia fact.


At some point you get to this moving wall that you need to bypass. This is where you end up getting your first Magicka/Spellbook spell–Haste. You need to use Haste to quickly run past the wall before it crushes you.

HasteAfter you kill some trolls you’ll reach a gated door. Behind the door is the beholder who you have to defeat before you can go back upstairs. There’s a wooden sign next to the door. If you read it, it tells you to burn the rope to easily defeat the monster. Doing so will drop the chandelier on his head.

BeholderOnce you get back up to the room with the party you will receive a new Magicka-Revive You will also receive the Meteor Shower spell if you purchased the game before January 31, 2011 and got the DLC. The other wizards will request you to leave so the game officially starts once you exit the building.

Once outside to the left is a wooden door that you can break down. Behind that door is a chest which contains Gandalf’s Staff aka the Staff of the White Wizard.

Staff of the White WizardAfter you walk down the stairs  you will see a dead moose. Examining it will give you part of an achievement which requires you to find all the dead moose in the game.

Dead Moose 1

Magicka Savegame Editor

Magicka Savegame Editor

Johnbot has released a saved game editor. It allows you to create a saved game file for all the levels and different weapons/staffs/magickas enabled. This is useful for the people that have only played online and have never hosted a server or played adventure mode. The way the saved system works those users have no saved games so they have to start from scratch if they decide to play adventure or host a game.

Read more about the tool here:

The Master Sword is in Magicka!

Master Sword
The Master Sword he will then retrieve, Keeping the Knight's line true.

Here’s the baddest sword in the Zelda games appearing in Magicka. They call it the Sword of Masters lol. The awesome thing is when your health is full you’ll shoot out Arcane energy from the sword just like in the Zelda games :P.

I plan on adding guides/walkthroughs for each of the Chapters but here’s a tip video by pelodance on where to find it if you need it now. (The Sword is found in Chapter 2-Attack of the Goblins)

List of Magickas (Spellbook Spells)

Haste = ASF

  •  Increases the wizard’s movement speed.
  •  Found in the Chapter 1 tutorial. It’s located on the bookshelf before the moving wall section. The “Knife of Counter-Striking” which can be found in Chapter 5 gives a constant Haste effect).
Useful for running away from "The man".

Revive = WA

  • Revives human players.
  • This spell is given to you after the tutorial is completed.
  • You will use this a lot in coop :P. Make sure you’re not wet when you try to cast this spell. You’ll do damage to yourself instead! When your teammate is revived they will start out with very little health so it’s not a bad idea to wait until the coast is clear or protect/heal your fellow wizard when you revive them.
Unfortunately won't work for the Cavs

Meteor Shower = FD FQ DF

  • Conjures several meteors that hit random spots on the screen.
  • Found in Chapter 1. Obtained at the end of the tutorial for users that received the Wizard Survival Kit DLC for purchasing the game before January 31, 2011.
Meteor Shower
Best used in a Michael Bay movie accompanied with music by the Aerosmith

Grease = QDW

  • Covers the floor with slippery grease. Will burn when set on fire.
  • Found in Chapter 1. Located at bottom of tower across the lake when you hear a scream. Freeze the lake to cross.
Also causes spontaneous singing and dancing.

Rain = QQF

  • Causes it to rain wetting anyone without a shield or water resistance.
  • Found in Chapter 2. Located in the first cave, which is covered by goblins.
  • A great combo is Personal Defense Shield (E then Mouse3), Rain, and then Thunderbolt or some kind of lightning spell. A cold spell would work well also. You need to be careful when casting this because if you forget to shield yourself or self-cast water resistance you will be unable to revive your teammates until you dry off.
Star of Ninja Assassin

Nullify = SE

  • Removes status effects from the caster.
  • Found in Chapter 2. Next to the alter where you fight the goblin shaman.
  • I’ve found this is great for canceling out mines that you might accidently surround yourself with :P.
“Hi, Billy Mays here for … “

Thunder Bolt = QFASA

  • Bolt of lightning does damage to the most elevated unit in front of the enemy.
  • Found in Chapter 3.

Thunder Bolt
Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt...

Tornado  = DQFQQF

  • Summons large tornado that flings everyone nearby up in the air and causes damage.
  • Found in Chapter 4. Located near the wrecked boat that’s off the main path when you get to the double doors of city.

Conflagration = FQFFQFFQ

  • Heat wave which does 600 damage and sets things on fire.
  • Found in Chapter 4. Inside one of the burning buildings you are forced to go through.

Time Warp = RE

  • Slows down time for everyone.
  • Found in Chapter 5. West of camp.
  • This is great combined with Haste.

Time Warp

Blizzard =RRQR

  • Summons a blizzard which chills everyone including the caster. Combine with rain to freeze.
  • Found in Chapter 6. Across the small lake to the east at beginning of the chapter. Use chill to freeze the water.
  • Cast chill resistance before casting Blizzard.

Teleport = ASA

  • Teleports the caster a short distance to a safe location.
  • Found in Chapter 7. On the broken walkway after being teleported by Vlad.

Thunderstorm = QFQFASA

  • Cause it to rain and thunder with lightning striking random positions on the map.
  • Find in Chapter 8. Just before the mines, after the first stone bridge (where you talk to Vlad) in a cave (hidden from view).
  • Self-casting lightning resistance is a good idea.

Summon Phoenix = WAF

  • Summons a phoenix at the casters location, dealing fire damage everyone nearby and revives all fallen wizards.
  • Found in Chapter 8. Located at the end of a eastern path after fighting the waves of Goblins and Cave Trolls on a large bridge.

Summon Phoenix

Raise Dead = QRDSR

  • Summons undead ghouls to fight for the caster.
  • Found in Chapter 9. After the necromancers in the run-down church.

Raise Dead

Fear = RSE

  • Nearby enemies are frightened, causing them to run away from the caster for about 4 seconds.
  • Found in Chapter 9. Found on the bookshelf on the left side of the first room of the Count’s castle.

Charm = WED

  • Targeted creature becomes your ally and attacks your enemies.
  • Found in Chapter 9. Found in the first room of the Count’s castle on the right leaning on the wooden furniture next to the couches.

Summon Death = SRRQRS

  • Summons death who instantly kills the nearest player/creature with the lowest amount of health.
  • Found in Chapter 10. Given to to you after you defeat death.

Invisibility = SEQFS

  • Caster becomes invisible and enemies will not actively try to attack them. Attacks will still hurt the caster if they hit them however. Effect will be gone after casting/attacking/taking damage/bumping into an enemy. (Reminds me of the cloak from TF2).
  • Found in Chapter 11. After the first 3 Snow Trolls in the first area, head south along the cliff you find to the east instead of entering the fortress.


Summon Elemental = SEDQFS

  • Summons an inactive elemental. To activate the elemental, simply attack it with any element. The elemental will take the form of whichever element touches it first, and will subsequently be healed by that same element.
  • Found in Chapter 11. Found behind a door located northwest over the narrow bridge after defeating the small detachment of dwarves in the second room of the cathedral.

Summon Elemental

Corporealize = SQFAES

  • Used when fighting Assatur. Also causes any ethereal daemons to materialize and become corporeal (Become physical).
  • Found in Chapter 11. Given to you after defeating Fafnir.


  • Summons a large vortex that sucks in and crushes anyone careless enough to wander close. The vortex will shrink and then vanish if nothing is sucked in.
  • Found in Chapter 12. Given to you after defeating the final boss.

/Work in Progress/


Magicka Pro Tip > Rock shield is beast

Rock Shield
You just got... *puts on glasses* ...rocked.

The Rock Shield is a self cast defense spell. It’s a great way to protect against enemy attacks and it really comes in handy when you’re surrounded by a mob. The stronger rock shields can be used so you can take the time to do something like an area of effect freeze spell followed by lightning or something destructive.

Earth = D
Shield = E

Rock Spell = DE then Mouse3
Stonger Rock Spell = DDE then Mouse3
Even Stronger Rock Spell = DDDE then Mouse3
Strongest Rock Spell = DDDDE  then Mouse3

EVRTing put up a good video on Youtube with a powerful spell combination which demonstrates how the Rock Shield can be used effectively.

I’d say a great place to use the Rock shield would be in the Challenge mode or the Bridge in Chapter 8 (The Minesweeper).

Definitely add this powerful spell to your repertoire.

New D2D code so you can get Magicka for $8 | Code updated on 2/12/11


EDIT: Code was updated on 2/12/11

Magicka is $9.95 at Direct2Drive (D2D). If you use the 20% off code you can get the game for ~$8. If that code expires you can use the 15% code to get it for ~$8.50.

20% off code = EE4F47EE29EED0BC440C516E8BA278E8
15% off code = snowblows

The codes are valid on other games also.

Be sure to send this hot Magicka tip to your friends so they save money and we can all support a great Indy developer.

By the way, this can be activated on Steam!

Spell Macro Tool – Magicka Spell Helper

Magicka Spell Helper

Steam Forums user nkhoang has released a controversial macro tool called the Magicka Spell Helper. Basically you can assign spells to a single key. This would help on those really complex spells. It would also make it real convienant for speed boosting/personal defense shielding.

I guess it boils down to a moral issue. Macro tools already exist and are probably already being used by some folks. Some people have hardware macro enabled mouses. Personally I like the challenge of trying to recall a spell from memory. Since the game is cooperative I don’t have too big an issue if someone decides to use a macro tool. I would have a problem if the person went around disrupting the game or if Paradox decides they are going to release a deathmatch mode.

Anyway, you can read more about Magicka Spell Helper at the following link:

Also please post your own thoughts on this utility.