Level 3 (Revenge of the Tribes) Guide, Walkthrough, and Secrets.

This is the tips guide, walkthrough, and secrets for Chapter 3.

At the beginning of the level you will see Vlad. He’ll talk to you and after wards you will be unable to kill him. The funny thing is you can actually knock him off the cliff. It doesn’t really do anything, it just looks funny. Basically you just use the stone wall and slowly push him over the edge of the cliff.

Vlad!After you pass the first stone gateway you will see a garden next to a house. In the garden is a Staff of Life leaning against a tree. You’ll be attacked around the house by Beast Riders. The Beast Rider Alpha monster drops a Skyward Spear.

Staff of Life

As you continue down the path you will see a windmill. On the crate next to the door of the windmill is the Blade of Surt. The Blade of Surt ignites your enemies. After you head East you’ll run into a group of goblins having a picnic. Once you defeat the goblins and reach a broken bridge Vlad will tell you to steal the airship to continue to Havindr.

Goblin picnicOnce you get on the airship you will be attacked by a number of goblin ships. Steam Lightning beams and flaming rocks seem to be the best way to defeat the goblin airships.

Airships!After you finally land errr crash land you will be at the top of a mountain. You’ll see a guy called MacLeod who’s staring at the edge of the cliff. This is obviously a reference to the Highlander movie. If you kill him you can pick up his Exotic Blade and you’ll unlock the “There can only be one!” achievement. The best way to kill him seems to be a ice beam (SR).

The HighlanderOnce you cross the bridge follow the east path along the rock wall and you will find another dead moose. Continue heading north and you will end up in a Stonehenge looking area. Here you will be attacked by three Druids. They’ll cast rain and summon tree spirits. In between the Druids is the lightning bolt spell which deals massive damage (5000 or 10,000 damage if the enemy is wet) to the highest target in front of you.

It’s best to cast a water resistance on yourself (QE then Mouse 3). If you do get wet you can put yourself out by casting fire. The tree spirits are very vulnerable to fire. A fire beam works well against them.


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  1. This is a hilarious game, but obviously really hard if you’re playing alone – especially with a massive lag during “crowd scenes”… thanks for the tips 🙂

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