Magicka Complete $7.99 @ GamersGate, Magicka $4.99 @ Amazon

The Magicka Complete Pack is on sale at GamersGate for only $7.99.

It comes with Magicka, Magicka: Vietnam the expansion DLC, and the Wizard’s Survival Kit DLC. Offer expires tomorrow (about 15 hours left).

Or if you just want to pick up the base Magicka game it’s on sale at Amazon for only $4.99.

No matter where you buy the game it will activate on Steam because it uses Steamworks.

Deals on Magicka and New Magicka: Vietnam Expansion DLC

The expansion DLC for Magicka; Magicka: Vietnam was just released today and Steam is doing a sale this great game from Arrowhead Game Studios.

  • Magicka – $4.99
  • Magicka Four Pack – $14.99 ($3.75 each copy)
  • Magicka Complete Pack – $7.99 (Comes with Magicka, Magicka: Vietnam, and Magicka: Wizard’s Survival Kit DLC).

See the deal here.

Buying the Complete pack is the only way to get the Magicka: Vietnam expansion at a discount. Otherwise it’s $4.99, which is already pretty cheap. If you want to pick it up at discount, you’d be better off getting it from Green Man Gaming or Direct2Drive (D2D).

Here’s the breakdown of prices for the expansion.

  • At Direct2Drive = $4.95. However, you can use the promo coupon code SHOWERS to save 20% off which makes it $3.96. Or you can use a 15% off code if that code has expired. You can generate a coupon here. The same deal is available at D2D UK. It’s £3.49 or £2.79 after 20% off coupon. The UK coupon is KAPOW.
  • At Green Man Gaming = $4.95. However, there’s 20% off coupon codes you can use for that site also. Which would make the game $3.96. Click here for a list of 20% off coupons for GMG.

I haven’t tried it out yet but most likely you’ll get an activation code that you’ll need to enter into Steam because Magicka uses Steamworks. That’s how it worked when I bought the game off Direct2Drive.

EDIT: I bought the game on GMG and I got an Activation code that needs to be entered in Steam. So yes this game NEEDS to be activated on steam.

Magicka Vietnam Pre Order Deals. Hottest deal at D2D $4.21

Magicka Vietnam So far here’s the best pre order deals from what I’ve seen.

The regular price for the expansion is $4.95.

Direct2Drive$4.21 after you apply the promotion coupon code B5A09A8D53479C599A20DE3B442F16B2 at checkout.
GamersGate$4.95 which is the regular price but they give you a pre order bonus of 250 Blue Coins which can used on future purchases. They’re worth approximately $0.25. (Makes the game about $4.70) (Side note but I believe Paradox Interactive created GamersGate. They’re also the publishers of Magicka)

IGN PC Store$4.95 – No coupon available at this time so it’s the regular price. Might as well buy from D2D since they’re basically the same site.

Note that Steam is required to run Magicka.

The release date for Magicka:Vietnam is April 12!

Click here to generate a new promo code if you the above 15% off D2D coupon has expired.

New D2D code so you can get Magicka for $8 | Code updated on 2/12/11


EDIT: Code was updated on 2/12/11

Magicka is $9.95 at Direct2Drive (D2D). If you use the 20% off code you can get the game for ~$8. If that code expires you can use the 15% code to get it for ~$8.50.

20% off code = EE4F47EE29EED0BC440C516E8BA278E8
15% off code = snowblows

The codes are valid on other games also.

Be sure to send this hot Magicka tip to your friends so they save money and we can all support a great Indy developer.

By the way, this can be activated on Steam!