Ch1 (Attach of the Goblins) Video Game Guide/Walkthrough

Here are two pretty good video tips guides/walkthroughs of Chapter 1 for the game Magicka.

The first video is of the Chapter 1 tutorial.

This second video goes through main portion of Chapter 1.

Click here to read the text guide/walkthrough for Chapter 1.

Magicka Tips Site News. Also cute girls singing Missing You by Tamia

Ok well the Chapter 1 guide/walkthrough has been completed. Starting on Chapter 2. Hopefully more updates coming soon. Been real busy as of late. Thanks for visiting Magicka Tips!

Oh yeah, translations are available if you select from the available languages in the right “Translations” menu. If you have a language you’d like to see, please leave a comment and I’ll see what’s available.

Also I saw this video on youtube of these cute girls. Just wanted to share. Love the accents.

The Master Sword is in Magicka!

Master Sword
The Master Sword he will then retrieve, Keeping the Knight's line true.

Here’s the baddest sword in the Zelda games appearing in Magicka. They call it the Sword of Masters lol. The awesome thing is when your health is full you’ll shoot out Arcane energy from the sword just like in the Zelda games :P.

I plan on adding guides/walkthroughs for each of the Chapters but here’s a tip video by pelodance on where to find it if you need it now. (The Sword is found in Chapter 2-Attack of the Goblins)

Magicka Pro Tip > Rock shield is beast

Rock Shield
You just got... *puts on glasses* ...rocked.

The Rock Shield is a self cast defense spell. It’s a great way to protect against enemy attacks and it really comes in handy when you’re surrounded by a mob. The stronger rock shields can be used so you can take the time to do something like an area of effect freeze spell followed by lightning or something destructive.

Earth = D
Shield = E

Rock Spell = DE then Mouse3
Stonger Rock Spell = DDE then Mouse3
Even Stronger Rock Spell = DDDE then Mouse3
Strongest Rock Spell = DDDDE  then Mouse3

EVRTing put up a good video on Youtube with a powerful spell combination which demonstrates how the Rock Shield can be used effectively.

I’d say a great place to use the Rock shield would be in the Challenge mode or the Bridge in Chapter 8 (The Minesweeper).

Definitely add this powerful spell to your repertoire.