Chapter 5 Tips, Secrets, Spellbooks & Walkthrough Guide

This is a tips, secrets, and walkthrough guide for Chapter 5 (Havindr Strikes Back) of Magicka.

Right when the level begins you will be talking to a guy in front of a pit. If you push the guy into the pit using a burst of air (Charge Mouse2 and then release) he’ll fall into the pit and you’ll complete the “This is Magicka!” achievement.

This is Magicka!Also in the same area you’ll see two guys sitting in front of a fire. If you look carefully you’ll see a sausage on a stick. This is actually a weapon lol. It’s supposed to make enemies more likely to attack you. Good if you like being the tank I guess :P.

Sausage on a stickShortly after you’ll see a couple big catapults. If you kill the soldier with the red cape you can grab his Captains Axe weapon.

If you head to the left after the cutscene ends you’ll find the Timewarp Spell (FE then Spacebar) This is a good spell. Basically it slows everyone down including you but you get extra time to plan out your moves. It’s great if you cast Timewarp then Haste. You’ll be moving super fast compared to everyone else.

You’ll start seeing big monsters called the Arbalest War Troll. They’re really powerful and they shoot a cannon at you. Their weakness is they always get hit by lightning. It takes 2 bolts to kill them. I’ve also found they’re vulnerable to ice.

Arbalest War Troll

Continue along the path and you’ll have to fight an Orc Captain. Kill him and he’ll drop a Thunderblade sword weapon.

Keep on the path and in the next section you’ll come upon a village that has been destroyed. Leaning against a fence is the Scythe of Malevolence weapon. If you self cast with no elements you’ll spray poison that harms unarmored enemies. It does make heals on you less effective however.

Scythe of MalevolenceEventually you’ll have to fight an Orc berserker. After you defeat him you’ll enter a field. If you head to the far left you’ll find a Staff of Life.

Staff of LifeYou’ll also find the sixth dead moose body in the game in the same field. Keep heading North and you’ll be ambushed at a river. The best strategy for this section is to stand across the river at the bottom left of the screen. Stay there and toss fireballs to melt the ice. The enemies will try to cross the river and then they’ll drown. If you’re playing coop just make sure to let your teammates know you’re doing this otherwise they’re going to drown. I guess it doesn’t really matter because they’ll figure it out real fast :P.