List of Element Combinations/Spells

Ripped this from drainX’s post on Reddit.

= Steam
QR = Ice

Damage states is per “tick” of the ray. AOE damage (shift+mouse2) is 4x the rays “per tick” damage.

S = Arcane beam ~100 damage.
SR = Cold beam ~100 damage, chills.
SF = Fire beam ~100 damage, sets of fire.
SQ = Water beam ~100 damage, wets.
SA = Lighting beam ~200 damage.
SAR = Cold/Lighting beam ~235 damage, chills.
SAF = Fire/Lighting beam ~284 damage, sets of fire.
SAQF = Steam/Lighting beam ~650 damage! wets.

Can be cast in a semicircle by mouse2 or in a complete circle with shift+mouse2

ED = Wall of Stone – Blocks enemies.
EDQ = Wet wall of Stone – Wets/blocks enemies.
EDF = Burning wall of Stone Burns/blocks enemies.
EDW = Green wall of Stone – Can’t find any special effect.
EDS = Red wall of Stone – Can’t find any special effect.
EDR = Cold wall of Stone – Chills enemies.
EDQF = Steam wall of Stone – Seems to have same effect as the Wet wall of Stone.
EDQR = Icy wall of Stone – Seems to have same effect as Cold wall of Stone.

Ice sprays:
Shoots 3 projectiles per ice element in a shotgun effect. If loaded, fires more powerful projectiles in a thinner cone with longer range. Damage stated is per projectile. Area of effect attacks (shift+mouse2) do slightly more damage than one projectile.

QR = Ice projectiles 168 damage
QRS = Ice/Arcane projectiles 405 damage
QRA = Ice/Lighting projectiles 430 damage
QRAS = Ice/Lighting/Arcane projectile 655 damage!

Sends a projectile that does AoE damage when it lands. Area of effect (shift+mouse2) deals less damage than the projectiles. Projectiles deal a lot more damage if loaded.

DQ = Waterball ~80 damage for direct hit, no splash damage, wets.
DF = Fireball ~100 damage, sets on fire.
DR = Coldball ~100 damage, chills.
DQR = Iceball ~200 damage.
DQF = Steamball ~350 damage, wets.
DS = Arcaneball ~500 damage.
DSF = Arcane Fireball ~500 damage, sets on fire.
DSQ = Arcane Waterball ~500 damage, wets.
DSR = Arcane Coldball ~500 damage, chills.
DSQF = Arcane Steamball ~850 damage! wets.

Create a lasting aoe in front of you. With shift+mouse2 adds a circle around you. Damage listed is by “tick”. Total damage for the 30 damage storms is around 750, not counting firedamage. Total damage for the Steam Lighting Storm is around 1500.

EQ = Rain Storm, wets, no damage.
EF = Fire Storm, sets on fire, 30 damage.
EA = Lightning Storm, 30 damage, fast ticks.
ER = Snow Storm, chills, no damage.
EFQ = Steam Storm, wets, no damage.
EFA = Fire Lightning Storm, sets on fire, 30 damage, fast ticks.
ERA = Frost Lightning Storm, chills, 30 damage, fast ticks.
EFQA = Steam Lightning Storm, wets, 60 damage, fast ticks.

Places mines in a semicircle around you or in a complete circle if you use shift+mouse2. Damage listed is per mine.

ES = Arcane Mines, large knockback, 225 damage
EW = Healing Mines, 599 healing, knockback in multiplayer.
ESF = Fire Mines, sets on fire, knockback, no initial damage.
ESA = Lightning Mines, 249 damage.
ESQ = Water Mines, wets, no damage.
ESR = Frost Mines, chills, no damage.
ESFA = Fire Lightning Mines, sets on fire, 260 damage.
ESFQ = Steam Mines, wets, no damage.
ESFQA = Steam Lightning Mines, wets, 260 damage.

Magicka Basics

Up to five elements can be combined to create a spell. In general the more powerful spells will require more elements. Spells can be:

  • Area Cast – Shit + Mouse 2 – Area of effect spell
  • Self Cast – Mouse 3 – Healing, shielding, or casting resistance aura on yourself.
  • Staff Cast – Mouse 2 – Fires a spell in the chosen direction
  • Weapon Cast – Shift + Mouse 1 – Adds a buff to your weapon for one attack.

This is the list of elements available for spells in Magicka (assuming default key configuration):

  • Q – Water
  • W – Life
  • E – Shield
  • R – Cold
  • A – Lightning
  • S – Arcane
  • D – Earth
  • F – Fire

Advanced elements which are created by combining basic elements.

  • Q+R – Ice
  • Q+F – Steam