Chapter 1 (The Fancy Menace) Tips Game Guide/Walkthrough

Here’s the first of in a series of Chapter tip guides/walkthroughs. I’ll try to cover the special weapons/staffs, hidden items, etc.

Chapter 1 (The Fancy Menace) begins with a short tutorial on the game focusing on the basic elements. You can walk around the building a little bit and talk to some the NPCs. You officially begin the tutorial when you get the room where the party is happening and fall through the floor.

TutorialOnce you begin the tutorial you can actually skip it by going to the menu and selecting the “Banana!?” Option. Banana is the safe word lol. Also the !? is called an interrobang. Just a fun trivia fact.


At some point you get to this moving wall that you need to bypass. This is where you end up getting your first Magicka/Spellbook spell–Haste. You need to use Haste to quickly run past the wall before it crushes you.

HasteAfter you kill some trolls you’ll reach a gated door. Behind the door is the beholder who you have to defeat before you can go back upstairs. There’s a wooden sign next to the door. If you read it, it tells you to burn the rope to easily defeat the monster. Doing so will drop the chandelier on his head.

BeholderOnce you get back up to the room with the party you will receive a new Magicka-Revive You will also receive the Meteor Shower spell if you purchased the game before January 31, 2011 and got the DLC. The other wizards will request you to leave so the game officially starts once you exit the building.

Once outside to the left is a wooden door that you can break down. Behind that door is a chest which contains Gandalf’s Staff aka the Staff of the White Wizard.

Staff of the White WizardAfter you walk down the stairs  you will see a dead moose. Examining it will give you part of an achievement which requires you to find all the dead moose in the game.

Dead Moose 1

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