Chapter 5 Tips, Secrets, Spellbooks & Walkthrough Guide

This is a tips, secrets, and walkthrough guide for Chapter 5 (Havindr Strikes Back) of Magicka.

Right when the level begins you will be talking to a guy in front of a pit. If you push the guy into the pit using a burst of air (Charge Mouse2 and then release) he’ll fall into the pit and you’ll complete the “This is Magicka!” achievement.

This is Magicka!Also in the same area you’ll see two guys sitting in front of a fire. If you look carefully you’ll see a sausage on a stick. This is actually a weapon lol. It’s supposed to make enemies more likely to attack you. Good if you like being the tank I guess :P.

Sausage on a stickShortly after you’ll see a couple big catapults. If you kill the soldier with the red cape you can grab his Captains Axe weapon.

If you head to the left after the cutscene ends you’ll find the Timewarp Spell (FE then Spacebar) This is a good spell. Basically it slows everyone down including you but you get extra time to plan out your moves. It’s great if you cast Timewarp then Haste. You’ll be moving super fast compared to everyone else.

You’ll start seeing big monsters called the Arbalest War Troll. They’re really powerful and they shoot a cannon at you. Their weakness is they always get hit by lightning. It takes 2 bolts to kill them. I’ve also found they’re vulnerable to ice.

Arbalest War Troll

Continue along the path and you’ll have to fight an Orc Captain. Kill him and he’ll drop a Thunderblade sword weapon.

Keep on the path and in the next section you’ll come upon a village that has been destroyed. Leaning against a fence is the Scythe of Malevolence weapon. If you self cast with no elements you’ll spray poison that harms unarmored enemies. It does make heals on you less effective however.

Scythe of MalevolenceEventually you’ll have to fight an Orc berserker. After you defeat him you’ll enter a field. If you head to the far left you’ll find a Staff of Life.

Staff of LifeYou’ll also find the sixth dead moose body in the game in the same field. Keep heading North and you’ll be ambushed at a river. The best strategy for this section is to stand across the river at the bottom left of the screen. Stay there and toss fireballs to melt the ice. The enemies will try to cross the river and then they’ll drown. If you’re playing coop just make sure to let your teammates know you’re doing this otherwise they’re going to drown. I guess it doesn’t really matter because they’ll figure it out real fast :P.


Chapter 4 (A New Hope) walkthrough, tips, secrets guide

OK this continues the series of walkthroughs/guides for the 12 chapters of the game Magicka.

Chapter 4 is called A New Hope which is probably a reference to the Star Wars movie.

Right off the bat, once you hop off the wagon that brought you to Havindr there are two secrets. The first is to the left of the start area near a shipwrecked airship. It’s hard to see but hidden among the trees is a Magicka spellbook for the spell Tornado (DQFQQF).

TornadoJust above the downed airship is yet another moose which is part of the King’s Quest achievement.

Moose 5/12After you’ve entered the city gates you will run into Admiral Agnar (which is most likely a reference to Admiral Ackbar in Starwars). He will tell you the King can’t meet with you and that you should go to the Inn. If you kill him you can grab his Captain’s Axe.

Once you get inside the Inn a meteor crashes into it causing a huge fireball and you’ll need to run out. However before you run out you can open the wardrobe on the left side of the room and inside is a Shield Staff. The Shield Staff lets you boost shields faster and instantly cast a self shield. Kind of crappy.

Shield StaffContinue east after exiting the inn and you’ll be attacked by goblins and goblin bombers. There’s also Orc Scouts which jump on you and start biting you. Just hit space to knock them off. My favorite way to kill the goblin bombers is still using a fireball. (FD)

You’ll eventually run into Vlad again and he’ll warn you that there are warlocks fighting amongst the goblins. If you take the Northern road right after talking to Vlad you can find the secret Warhammer weapon. The Warhammer knocks your targets back.

WarhammerHead back to the main road and continue east. You’ll reach a fountain and Admiral Agnar comes out and yells “It’s a Trap“! You’ll then be attacked by waves of bad guys and a new one called the Disciple.

It's a trap!

The disciples are warlocks and once dead they’ll drop a Staff of War which doubles your max HP and gives you physical resistance. They also shoot a burst of arcane if you hit Mouse3. The disciples have all kinds of spells they’ll use on you and they are immune to physical attacks because of the Staff of War. I usually just wet them and then freeze them. Then I can shoot them with a beam.

Also at the fountain is a secret weapon called Gungnir which is a throwing spear weapon. It’s really hard to see. It’s leaning against one of the poles supporting an awning.


How to Host a Magicka Game

Here’s how to host a Magicka Game. It’s pretty simple.

First you start up the game and select the Online Play option.

Online PlayYou’ll end up at the Online Play menu and there are five options. You will want to select the Host option. A pop up Host Online menu will display and here is where you set the options.

Just enter a game name, select a Mode type (Adventure/Challenge), and enter a password if you want to limit the game to people you know. To change the mode type just click on the current mode.

Host Online Menu

Once you’ve clicked OK if you selected an Adventure game you will see your list of saved games. Select one and that will be the game everyone plays. Keep in mind if you’ve never hosted a game before you will have no saved games. If you selected a Challenge game you will be presented with a menu and you just need to select which Challenge arena you want to play on.

Saved games

You’ll then end up in the lobby screen and you just need to wait for people to join. Obviously if it’s a password protected game you’ll need to send people the password. You can also send them your IP address if they don’t see you in the serverlist for some reason. That said I don’t think there’s an option to kick a player yet so if you get a griefer the only thing you can do is recreate a game.

Once everyone selects the ready button you can hit Start and the game begins!

Here’s some additional information on How to Host a Magicka Game that I saw on the Steam forums:

Here are a few things you should know on how to host a Magicka game online.

Firewall Setup:
Make sure you forward port 7331 to the IP address of your computer.
If you have a personal software firewall make sure you allow Magicka through it as well.

Available Games List:
(You need to understand this for the next section)
When you go to online play the game automatically grabs a list of servers in the background and starts to contact each of them to pull down server information. Depending on your ISP upstream speed, location on the net, location of other hosts, and delay this may take about 1 minute to 1 minute 15 seconds to populate the list.

So while it appears nothing is going on..the game is busy contacting everyone.

Reducing delay/lag when first hosting:
If you attempt to host a game at this point your PC is still receiving replies from other hosts because of the server listing screen. This will cause you to lag out a bit and increase your response times to players trying to join your game. This will result in players not being able to join because of time-outs.

To get rid of this delay/lag do the following:
* Go to your FILTER settings and change it to LAN.
* Change the delay <50. Click search.
* This will cause your listing to have nothing in it. But most are no longer contacting everyone on the F’n list for updates.
* Wait 1 minute 30 seconds for all the previous responses to come in and clear out.

From this point on whenever you start Magicka and go to the online play section you will no longer poll for games, you will no longer have to wait to host a game, and your ping times will be back to normal for hosting.

Hosting a game:
!Once the above steps are done you can host your game.

* Make sure you select port 7331 so it matches the port forward you setup in your firewall.
* Host the game and wait in the Lobby.
* Note that players cannot join a running game. So you must wait in the lobby for other players before starting. If you start the game by yourself expecting people to join later, it’s not going to happen.
* After the lobby fills up explain the following rules:
1: Do not kill people or monsters until the NPC called VLAD leaves the screen. Doing so before that time may result in a crash.
2: Do not cross beams if possible. This may cause a crash
3: Try to avoid skipping cut-scenes. Doing so may result in a crash or lockup of the game.
4: If anyone gets stuck and cannot move the best thing to do is to start the game over again. You can just hit ESC and select QUIT. This will bring you back to the Lobby with everyone and you can try again. You could do restart but the blank screen freaks people out and they leave and things get messy.
5: Make sure everyone clicks ready.. then you may click Start.

Final Notes:
So you only have to set your game filter to LAN once.
The next time you go into Magicka you can just host right away. You will notice your game listing with normal ping times instead of 2000+ like the other games out there.

Here’s the link to the thread:

Click here for the post about port forwarding for Magicka if you’re still having issues:


Level 3 (Revenge of the Tribes) Guide, Walkthrough, and Secrets.

This is the tips guide, walkthrough, and secrets for Chapter 3.

At the beginning of the level you will see Vlad. He’ll talk to you and after wards you will be unable to kill him. The funny thing is you can actually knock him off the cliff. It doesn’t really do anything, it just looks funny. Basically you just use the stone wall and slowly push him over the edge of the cliff.

Vlad!After you pass the first stone gateway you will see a garden next to a house. In the garden is a Staff of Life leaning against a tree. You’ll be attacked around the house by Beast Riders. The Beast Rider Alpha monster drops a Skyward Spear.

Staff of Life

As you continue down the path you will see a windmill. On the crate next to the door of the windmill is the Blade of Surt. The Blade of Surt ignites your enemies. After you head East you’ll run into a group of goblins having a picnic. Once you defeat the goblins and reach a broken bridge Vlad will tell you to steal the airship to continue to Havindr.

Goblin picnicOnce you get on the airship you will be attacked by a number of goblin ships. Steam Lightning beams and flaming rocks seem to be the best way to defeat the goblin airships.

Airships!After you finally land errr crash land you will be at the top of a mountain. You’ll see a guy called MacLeod who’s staring at the edge of the cliff. This is obviously a reference to the Highlander movie. If you kill him you can pick up his Exotic Blade and you’ll unlock the “There can only be one!” achievement. The best way to kill him seems to be a ice beam (SR).

The HighlanderOnce you cross the bridge follow the east path along the rock wall and you will find another dead moose. Continue heading north and you will end up in a Stonehenge looking area. Here you will be attacked by three Druids. They’ll cast rain and summon tree spirits. In between the Druids is the lightning bolt spell which deals massive damage (5000 or 10,000 damage if the enemy is wet) to the highest target in front of you.

It’s best to cast a water resistance on yourself (QE then Mouse 3). If you do get wet you can put yourself out by casting fire. The tree spirits are very vulnerable to fire. A fire beam works well against them.


Magicka Ch 2 (Attack of the Goblins) Game Guide/Walkthrough

This is the Magicka game Tip Guide/Walkthrough for Chapter 2 (Attack of the Goblins). A tip guide for Chapter 1 is also available.

Once the level starts you will see a cave that’s guarded by a bunch of goblins. Partially sticking out of the cave is a spellbook. The spellbook contains the Rain Magicka. Defeat the goblins and grab the spellbook.

This is the first chapter in which you run into the Goblin Ranger. You will notice that any projectile will knock you down while you have the Personal Defense Shield active. It’s usually a good idea to disable the shield when dealing with enemies with a ranged weapon.

Magicka Chapter 2 - Rain SpellbookShortly afterwards you will arrive at a town with a Red Herring and to the east of the Village is Gram’s Workshop. Unfortunately for you a group of goblins will wreck their ship and attack you. Not to mention Gram will lock himself in his workshop leaving you to fend for yourself. On the anvil is the Warhammer weapon which has a knockback special ability.

Fire works very very well against the bomb throwing monsters. Personally, I like throwing flaming rocks at the bomb monsters. Quick and easy.

Magicka Chapter 2 - Gram's Workshop

After you head north you see a troll eating a guys “wife”, which is actually one of the secret moose corpses. Defeat the troll and you can examine the moose for part of the moose achievement.

Also behind the tree next to the moose is a hidden sword called the Gram. This sword supposedly lets you one hit kill the dragon near the end of the game. It’s also necessary for the Stuff of Legends achievement.

Magicka Chapter 2 - The Gram

Next you will come up to a checkpoint. To the east of the checkpoint you will see a river. If you freeze the river and travel North you can walk through a tree which leads you to a secret area. The secret area contains the Sword of Masters (which is really the Master Sword from Zelda!). The Sword of Masters has a special ability where it will shoot out Arcane energy if your health is full. Pretty sweet.

Magicka Chapter 2 - RiverMagicka Chapter 2 - Tree TrunkOnce past the river, you will eventually come upon a Shaman and his gang of goblins at an alter. They will try to mob you for your robes.

Just a tip but a good way to defeat the goblins is by using area of effect spells such as a water spell (such as QQQQQ then Shift + Mouse2), then freezing them (RRRRR then Shift + Mouse2), then Lightning Arcane (ASASA then Shift + Mouse2). You can just spam that and they’ll die pretty fast. The shaman likes to cast the Water Beam spell so it’s not a bad idea to cast water resistance (QE then Mouse3).

The Shaman drops The Rod of Emergency Teleport staff and the Magicka spellbook for Nullify is sitting near the alter.

Magicka Chapter 2 - The Shaman

Chapter 1 (The Fancy Menace) Tips Game Guide/Walkthrough

Here’s the first of in a series of Chapter tip guides/walkthroughs. I’ll try to cover the special weapons/staffs, hidden items, etc.

Chapter 1 (The Fancy Menace) begins with a short tutorial on the game focusing on the basic elements. You can walk around the building a little bit and talk to some the NPCs. You officially begin the tutorial when you get the room where the party is happening and fall through the floor.

TutorialOnce you begin the tutorial you can actually skip it by going to the menu and selecting the “Banana!?” Option. Banana is the safe word lol. Also the !? is called an interrobang. Just a fun trivia fact.


At some point you get to this moving wall that you need to bypass. This is where you end up getting your first Magicka/Spellbook spell–Haste. You need to use Haste to quickly run past the wall before it crushes you.

HasteAfter you kill some trolls you’ll reach a gated door. Behind the door is the beholder who you have to defeat before you can go back upstairs. There’s a wooden sign next to the door. If you read it, it tells you to burn the rope to easily defeat the monster. Doing so will drop the chandelier on his head.

BeholderOnce you get back up to the room with the party you will receive a new Magicka-Revive You will also receive the Meteor Shower spell if you purchased the game before January 31, 2011 and got the DLC. The other wizards will request you to leave so the game officially starts once you exit the building.

Once outside to the left is a wooden door that you can break down. Behind that door is a chest which contains Gandalf’s Staff aka the Staff of the White Wizard.

Staff of the White WizardAfter you walk down the stairs  you will see a dead moose. Examining it will give you part of an achievement which requires you to find all the dead moose in the game.

Dead Moose 1