It's a trap!

Chapter 4 (A New Hope) walkthrough, tips, secrets guide

OK this continues the series of walkthroughs/guides for the 12 chapters of the game Magicka.

Chapter 4 is called A New Hope which is probably a reference to the Star Wars movie.

Right off the bat, once you hop off the wagon that brought you to Havindr there are two secrets. The first is to the left of the start area near a shipwrecked airship. It’s hard to see but hidden among the trees is a Magicka spellbook for the spell Tornado (DQFQQF).

TornadoJust above the downed airship is yet another moose which is part of the King’s Quest achievement.

Moose 5/12After you’ve entered the city gates you will run into Admiral Agnar (which is most likely a reference to Admiral Ackbar in Starwars). He will tell you the King can’t meet with you and that you should go to the Inn. If you kill him you can grab his Captain’s Axe.

Once you get inside the Inn a meteor crashes into it causing a huge fireball and you’ll need to run out. However before you run out you can open the wardrobe on the left side of the room and inside is a Shield Staff. The Shield Staff lets you boost shields faster and instantly cast a self shield. Kind of crappy.

Shield StaffContinue east after exiting the inn and you’ll be attacked by goblins and goblin bombers. There’s also Orc Scouts which jump on you and start biting you. Just hit space to knock them off. My favorite way to kill the goblin bombers is still using a fireball. (FD)

You’ll eventually run into Vlad again and he’ll warn you that there are warlocks fighting amongst the goblins. If you take the Northern road right after talking to Vlad you can find the secret Warhammer weapon. The Warhammer knocks your targets back.

WarhammerHead back to the main road and continue east. You’ll reach a fountain and Admiral Agnar comes out and yells “It’s a Trap“! You’ll then be attacked by waves of bad guys and a new one called the Disciple.

It's a trap!

The disciples are warlocks and once dead they’ll drop a Staff of War which doubles your max HP and gives you physical resistance. They also shoot a burst of arcane if you hit Mouse3. The disciples have all kinds of spells they’ll use on you and they are immune to physical attacks because of the Staff of War. I usually just wet them and then freeze them. Then I can shoot them with a beam.

Also at the fountain is a secret weapon called Gungnir which is a throwing spear weapon. It’s really hard to see. It’s leaning against one of the poles supporting an awning.


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