Quick Tip. Vortex can be replenished by rocks and other stuff.

You obtain vortex after you beat the game initially.

Get in mah belly!


Usually if the Vortex doesn’t have any bad guys to suck up it will shrink and then disappear. However if you cast a rock into the vortex it will replenish it which can keep it from disappearing until you can get a bad guy to get sucked up. Shooting it with bullets (using the Machine Gun) or mines also replenishes the vortex.

Vortex is amazing in Challenge mode. Just lay one of these near an enemy entrance and watch them disappear :P.

Magicka Pro Tip > Rock shield is beast

Rock Shield
You just got... *puts on glasses* ...rocked.

The Rock Shield is a self cast defense spell. It’s a great way to protect against enemy attacks and it really comes in handy when you’re surrounded by a mob. The stronger rock shields can be used so you can take the time to do something like an area of effect freeze spell followed by lightning or something destructive.

Earth = D
Shield = E

Rock Spell = DE then Mouse3
Stonger Rock Spell = DDE then Mouse3
Even Stronger Rock Spell = DDDE then Mouse3
Strongest Rock Spell = DDDDE  then Mouse3

EVRTing put up a good video on Youtube with a powerful spell combination which demonstrates how the Rock Shield can be used effectively.

I’d say a great place to use the Rock shield would be in the Challenge mode or the Bridge in Chapter 8 (The Minesweeper).

Definitely add this powerful spell to your repertoire.

Magicka Pro Tip > Personal Shield is bad against ranged weapons

Personal Defense Shield
Come at me bros

The Personal Defense Shield is activated by self casting the Shield element. The shield has 500 durability and loses 10 duarability every second. An attack that does more damage than the shields current durability will break the personal shield but you will take no damage. You will be unable to heal yourself or be healed while the shield is active. So you will have to disable the shield by recasting before you heal. However, while the shield is active every time you try to heal yourself you will actually be recharging the shield. So to recharge the shield just heal yourself.

The shield will reflect beam spells. This is great when you’re up against the Non Player Character (NPC) wizards/mages. It also helps when you’re playing coop. We know how everyone loves to accidently shoot their teammates with the Steam Lightning Beam :P.

However the personal shield has a weakness against projectile attacks. Even the weakest attack will cause your character to fall over/go flying. We’re talking arrows, rocks, etc. Sometimes you’ll be on the ground and a huge mob will surround you which can be a tough situation.

So when you’re up against a bunch of archers and rock throwing guys it isn’t a bad idea to deactivate the personal shield.

Either way you can defend against the archers/rock throwing guys/etc with a regular shield or an area cast bubble shield. You could even encase yourself in a rock shield, which will give you time to cast another spell.

Personal Defense Shield = E then Mouse3
Shield = E then Mouse2
Bubble Shield = E then Shift + Mouse2
Rock Shield = ED then Mouse3

Steam Lightning Beam = QFAS

Personal Defense Shield
500 Durability, -10 durability per second
Pros: Reflects beam spells, Absorbs damage
Cons: Knockback damage from the weakest of projectile attacks, Can’t heal yourself/be healed

Tips > Five Good Spell Combos

These are some good spell combos (attack with spell 1, then spell 2, etc) for Magicka that I’ve read about on the web. You should know your Magicka Basics before you read this. Send in your best Magicka tips/spell combos for future posts.

1) Prince o’ Persia
Cast Haste followed by the Time Warp spell. Followup with any other spell/attack. (Preferably after performing a series of parkour moves for no reason.)

Haste = ASF
Time Warp = RE

2) Thunder ‘n Lightning
First self cast Water Resistance. Secondly cast Rain. Finally, cast Thunder Bolt. This will do massive damage to many enemies at once. Alternatively, you can use a water spell to wet some enemies therby eliminating the need to self cast Water Resistance. Obviously, Thunderstorm would be an alternative once it has been unlocked.

Water Resistance = QE+Mouse3
Rain = QQF
Thunder Bolt = WFASA
Edit: I’ve been leaning more towards a lightning/Arcane area of attack spell. In particular ASASA then hold shift + mouse2. Works well.

3) Freezerburn
First freeze the enemies using a cold spell, and then follow up with a Steam Lightning Beam. Toasty!

Example Cold spells:
Coldball = DR
Cold Lightning Beam = SAR
Cold Stone Wall = EDR
Blizzard = RQRR

Example Steam Lightning Beams:
Steam Lightning Beam = SQFA
Longer lasting Steam Lightning Beam = SQFAS
Super Steam Lightning Beam = SQFQFAA

Coop Combos
The following are good spell combos to use when playing a coop game.

4) Cooler Than Cool
One person attacks using a water beam and the second person uses a cold beam. Enemies will be frozen solid. Makes short work of bosses.

Examples Water Beams:
Water Beam = SQ
Super Water Beam = SSSQQ

Example Cold Beams:
Cold Beam = SR
Super Cold Beam = RRSSS

5) Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde
One player uses an Arcane Beam and then the other crosses it with a Life Beam. Leading cause of massive damage.

Arcane Beam = S
Life Beam = W

Magicka Basics

Up to five elements can be combined to create a spell. In general the more powerful spells will require more elements. Spells can be:

  • Area Cast – Shit + Mouse 2 – Area of effect spell
  • Self Cast – Mouse 3 – Healing, shielding, or casting resistance aura on yourself.
  • Staff Cast – Mouse 2 – Fires a spell in the chosen direction
  • Weapon Cast – Shift + Mouse 1 – Adds a buff to your weapon for one attack.

This is the list of elements available for spells in Magicka (assuming default key configuration):

  • Q – Water
  • W – Life
  • E – Shield
  • R – Cold
  • A – Lightning
  • S – Arcane
  • D – Earth
  • F – Fire

Advanced elements which are created by combining basic elements.

  • Q+R – Ice
  • Q+F – Steam