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These are some good spell combos (attack with spell 1, then spell 2, etc) for Magicka that I’ve read about on the web. You should know your Magicka Basics before you read this. Send in your best Magicka tips/spell combos for future posts.

1) Prince o’ Persia
Cast Haste followed by the Time Warp spell. Followup with any other spell/attack. (Preferably after performing a series of parkour moves for no reason.)

Haste = ASF
Time Warp = RE

2) Thunder ‘n Lightning
First self cast Water Resistance. Secondly cast Rain. Finally, cast Thunder Bolt. This will do massive damage to many enemies at once. Alternatively, you can use a water spell to wet some enemies therby eliminating the need to self cast Water Resistance. Obviously, Thunderstorm would be an alternative once it has been unlocked.

Water Resistance = QE+Mouse3
Rain = QQF
Thunder Bolt = WFASA
Edit: I’ve been leaning more towards a lightning/Arcane area of attack spell. In particular ASASA then hold shift + mouse2. Works well.

3) Freezerburn
First freeze the enemies using a cold spell, and then follow up with a Steam Lightning Beam. Toasty!

Example Cold spells:
Coldball = DR
Cold Lightning Beam = SAR
Cold Stone Wall = EDR
Blizzard = RQRR

Example Steam Lightning Beams:
Steam Lightning Beam = SQFA
Longer lasting Steam Lightning Beam = SQFAS
Super Steam Lightning Beam = SQFQFAA

Coop Combos
The following are good spell combos to use when playing a coop game.

4) Cooler Than Cool
One person attacks using a water beam and the second person uses a cold beam. Enemies will be frozen solid. Makes short work of bosses.

Examples Water Beams:
Water Beam = SQ
Super Water Beam = SSSQQ

Example Cold Beams:
Cold Beam = SR
Super Cold Beam = RRSSS

5) Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde
One player uses an Arcane Beam and then the other crosses it with a Life Beam. Leading cause of massive damage.

Arcane Beam = S
Life Beam = W

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