Personal Defense Shield

Magicka Pro Tip > Personal Shield is bad against ranged weapons

Personal Defense Shield
Come at me bros

The Personal Defense Shield is activated by self casting the Shield element. The shield has 500 durability and loses 10 duarability every second. An attack that does more damage than the shields current durability will break the personal shield but you will take no damage. You will be unable to heal yourself or be healed while the shield is active. So you will have to disable the shield by recasting before you heal. However, while the shield is active every time you try to heal yourself you will actually be recharging the shield. So to recharge the shield just heal yourself.

The shield will reflect beam spells. This is great when you’re up against the Non Player Character (NPC) wizards/mages. It also helps when you’re playing coop. We know how everyone loves to accidently shoot their teammates with the Steam Lightning Beam :P.

However the personal shield has a weakness against projectile attacks. Even the weakest attack will cause your character to fall over/go flying. We’re talking arrows, rocks, etc. Sometimes you’ll be on the ground and a huge mob will surround you which can be a tough situation.

So when you’re up against a bunch of archers and rock throwing guys it isn’t a bad idea to deactivate the personal shield.

Either way you can defend against the archers/rock throwing guys/etc with a regular shield or an area cast bubble shield. You could even encase yourself in a rock shield, which will give you time to cast another spell.

Personal Defense Shield = E then Mouse3
Shield = E then Mouse2
Bubble Shield = E then Shift + Mouse2
Rock Shield = ED then Mouse3

Steam Lightning Beam = QFAS

Personal Defense Shield
500 Durability, -10 durability per second
Pros: Reflects beam spells, Absorbs damage
Cons: Knockback damage from the weakest of projectile attacks, Can’t heal yourself/be healed

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