Magicka Pro Tip > Personal Shield is bad against ranged weapons

Personal Defense Shield
Come at me bros

The Personal Defense Shield is activated by self casting the Shield element. The shield has 500 durability and loses 10 duarability every second. An attack that does more damage than the shields current durability will break the personal shield but you will take no damage. You will be unable to heal yourself or be healed while the shield is active. So you will have to disable the shield by recasting before you heal. However, while the shield is active every time you try to heal yourself you will actually be recharging the shield. So to recharge the shield just heal yourself.

The shield will reflect beam spells. This is great when you’re up against the Non Player Character (NPC) wizards/mages. It also helps when you’re playing coop. We know how everyone loves to accidently shoot their teammates with the Steam Lightning Beam :P.

However the personal shield has a weakness against projectile attacks. Even the weakest attack will cause your character to fall over/go flying. We’re talking arrows, rocks, etc. Sometimes you’ll be on the ground and a huge mob will surround you which can be a tough situation.

So when you’re up against a bunch of archers and rock throwing guys it isn’t a bad idea to deactivate the personal shield.

Either way you can defend against the archers/rock throwing guys/etc with a regular shield or an area cast bubble shield. You could even encase yourself in a rock shield, which will give you time to cast another spell.

Personal Defense Shield = E then Mouse3
Shield = E then Mouse2
Bubble Shield = E then Shift + Mouse2
Rock Shield = ED then Mouse3

Steam Lightning Beam = QFAS

Personal Defense Shield
500 Durability, -10 durability per second
Pros: Reflects beam spells, Absorbs damage
Cons: Knockback damage from the weakest of projectile attacks, Can’t heal yourself/be healed

Chapter 8 (The Minesweeper) Multiplayer Crash Bug – Version

The MinesweeperThis bug was driving me nuts. On level eight there’s a section where you have to blow up a bunch of red barrels to get to the cave section. In coop mode if you blow up the barrels the game insta crashes for everyone except the host. (This is why the game desperately needs drop in/drop out functionality).

Until they patch this bug the best thing to do is teleport past the barrels. Only one guy has to do it. At that point you’ll all be warped to the next section.

Side note: But did the barrel thing remind anyone of Borderlands?

Tips > Five Good Spell Combos

These are some good spell combos (attack with spell 1, then spell 2, etc) for Magicka that I’ve read about on the web. You should know your Magicka Basics before you read this. Send in your best Magicka tips/spell combos for future posts.

1) Prince o’ Persia
Cast Haste followed by the Time Warp spell. Followup with any other spell/attack. (Preferably after performing a series of parkour moves for no reason.)

Haste = ASF
Time Warp = RE

2) Thunder ‘n Lightning
First self cast Water Resistance. Secondly cast Rain. Finally, cast Thunder Bolt. This will do massive damage to many enemies at once. Alternatively, you can use a water spell to wet some enemies therby eliminating the need to self cast Water Resistance. Obviously, Thunderstorm would be an alternative once it has been unlocked.

Water Resistance = QE+Mouse3
Rain = QQF
Thunder Bolt = WFASA
Edit: I’ve been leaning more towards a lightning/Arcane area of attack spell. In particular ASASA then hold shift + mouse2. Works well.

3) Freezerburn
First freeze the enemies using a cold spell, and then follow up with a Steam Lightning Beam. Toasty!

Example Cold spells:
Coldball = DR
Cold Lightning Beam = SAR
Cold Stone Wall = EDR
Blizzard = RQRR

Example Steam Lightning Beams:
Steam Lightning Beam = SQFA
Longer lasting Steam Lightning Beam = SQFAS
Super Steam Lightning Beam = SQFQFAA

Coop Combos
The following are good spell combos to use when playing a coop game.

4) Cooler Than Cool
One person attacks using a water beam and the second person uses a cold beam. Enemies will be frozen solid. Makes short work of bosses.

Examples Water Beams:
Water Beam = SQ
Super Water Beam = SSSQQ

Example Cold Beams:
Cold Beam = SR
Super Cold Beam = RRSSS

5) Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde
One player uses an Arcane Beam and then the other crosses it with a Life Beam. Leading cause of massive damage.

Arcane Beam = S
Life Beam = W

New Patch is out. Version

Changelog for Patch #7 ( February 1st

Fixed issues/bugs

  • Fixed Khan spell absorption resulting in crash.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to play two ambient sounds with the same id.
  • Fixed issue with exploding Goblin bombers not dealing damage.
  • Fixed issue with explosive objects not dealing damage.
  • Fixed level progression issue when the captain in Chapter 1 is killed before he speaks.
  • NPCs are removed when leaving a scene that one cannot return to. (Solves “NPC cache is empty” crash.)
  • Fixed CTD in chapter 9 bossfight. (“No area with key…”)
  • Fixed camera issue when using Staff of the Dead.
  • Fixed Book of Magick jittering on network clients.
  • Fixed issue when joining a game from the Steam client and Magicka is not running.
  • Fixed rare crash in UPnP routine.
  • Fixed crash when a character was overkilled by a buff.
  • Fixed issue with items, magicks & missiles falling through the level.
  • Clients no longer get stuck in-between scenes in chapter 1.
  • Minor network optimizations.
  • Fixed CTD when trying to use chat and playing with only gamepads.
  • Quick Start no longer tries to join games incompatible versions or password protected games.

New features/balancing

  • Khan shield spell changed to area blast.

Known Issues

  • Network uplink bandwidth, while improved, can be demanding
  • Steam attempts to install XNA framework every time game is launched or rare occasion
  • Quitting the game while the credits are rolling will not award a game complete.
  • Mouse outside screen in full screen with multiple monitors will minimize the game.

List of Element Combinations/Spells

Ripped this from drainX’s post on Reddit.

= Steam
QR = Ice

Damage states is per “tick” of the ray. AOE damage (shift+mouse2) is 4x the rays “per tick” damage.

S = Arcane beam ~100 damage.
SR = Cold beam ~100 damage, chills.
SF = Fire beam ~100 damage, sets of fire.
SQ = Water beam ~100 damage, wets.
SA = Lighting beam ~200 damage.
SAR = Cold/Lighting beam ~235 damage, chills.
SAF = Fire/Lighting beam ~284 damage, sets of fire.
SAQF = Steam/Lighting beam ~650 damage! wets.

Can be cast in a semicircle by mouse2 or in a complete circle with shift+mouse2

ED = Wall of Stone – Blocks enemies.
EDQ = Wet wall of Stone – Wets/blocks enemies.
EDF = Burning wall of Stone Burns/blocks enemies.
EDW = Green wall of Stone – Can’t find any special effect.
EDS = Red wall of Stone – Can’t find any special effect.
EDR = Cold wall of Stone – Chills enemies.
EDQF = Steam wall of Stone – Seems to have same effect as the Wet wall of Stone.
EDQR = Icy wall of Stone – Seems to have same effect as Cold wall of Stone.

Ice sprays:
Shoots 3 projectiles per ice element in a shotgun effect. If loaded, fires more powerful projectiles in a thinner cone with longer range. Damage stated is per projectile. Area of effect attacks (shift+mouse2) do slightly more damage than one projectile.

QR = Ice projectiles 168 damage
QRS = Ice/Arcane projectiles 405 damage
QRA = Ice/Lighting projectiles 430 damage
QRAS = Ice/Lighting/Arcane projectile 655 damage!

Sends a projectile that does AoE damage when it lands. Area of effect (shift+mouse2) deals less damage than the projectiles. Projectiles deal a lot more damage if loaded.

DQ = Waterball ~80 damage for direct hit, no splash damage, wets.
DF = Fireball ~100 damage, sets on fire.
DR = Coldball ~100 damage, chills.
DQR = Iceball ~200 damage.
DQF = Steamball ~350 damage, wets.
DS = Arcaneball ~500 damage.
DSF = Arcane Fireball ~500 damage, sets on fire.
DSQ = Arcane Waterball ~500 damage, wets.
DSR = Arcane Coldball ~500 damage, chills.
DSQF = Arcane Steamball ~850 damage! wets.

Create a lasting aoe in front of you. With shift+mouse2 adds a circle around you. Damage listed is by “tick”. Total damage for the 30 damage storms is around 750, not counting firedamage. Total damage for the Steam Lighting Storm is around 1500.

EQ = Rain Storm, wets, no damage.
EF = Fire Storm, sets on fire, 30 damage.
EA = Lightning Storm, 30 damage, fast ticks.
ER = Snow Storm, chills, no damage.
EFQ = Steam Storm, wets, no damage.
EFA = Fire Lightning Storm, sets on fire, 30 damage, fast ticks.
ERA = Frost Lightning Storm, chills, 30 damage, fast ticks.
EFQA = Steam Lightning Storm, wets, 60 damage, fast ticks.

Places mines in a semicircle around you or in a complete circle if you use shift+mouse2. Damage listed is per mine.

ES = Arcane Mines, large knockback, 225 damage
EW = Healing Mines, 599 healing, knockback in multiplayer.
ESF = Fire Mines, sets on fire, knockback, no initial damage.
ESA = Lightning Mines, 249 damage.
ESQ = Water Mines, wets, no damage.
ESR = Frost Mines, chills, no damage.
ESFA = Fire Lightning Mines, sets on fire, 260 damage.
ESFQ = Steam Mines, wets, no damage.
ESFQA = Steam Lightning Mines, wets, 260 damage.

Magicka Basics

Up to five elements can be combined to create a spell. In general the more powerful spells will require more elements. Spells can be:

  • Area Cast – Shit + Mouse 2 – Area of effect spell
  • Self Cast – Mouse 3 – Healing, shielding, or casting resistance aura on yourself.
  • Staff Cast – Mouse 2 – Fires a spell in the chosen direction
  • Weapon Cast – Shift + Mouse 1 – Adds a buff to your weapon for one attack.

This is the list of elements available for spells in Magicka (assuming default key configuration):

  • Q – Water
  • W – Life
  • E – Shield
  • R – Cold
  • A – Lightning
  • S – Arcane
  • D – Earth
  • F – Fire

Advanced elements which are created by combining basic elements.

  • Q+R – Ice
  • Q+F – Steam

Magicka Save Games; Chapters 1 – 12

Paradox put up a Zip file of saved games for everyone that’s having issues.

Hi everyone.

We know we’ve got issues with campaign saves being wiped, which understandably is very annoying.

So we’ve put together a little bundle with the save files for each chapter:

You can download it here:

Instructions on how to use:

NOTE: your existing save games will be wiped if you do this.

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Choose the chapter you want to load and copy that save file and put it in the folder ….Steam\steamapps\common\magicka\SaveData
  3. start the game and voila – the saved game should appear in the 3rd slot.

This is a temporary fix until we get the nasty campaign wiping bug out of the way. Ideally we’ll add a mission selector in the future


/PDX team

Magicka Sold 30,000 copies in 24 hours

Great numbers for an indy game!

Magicka has exceeded all expectations by selling over 30,000 copies across digital distribution platforms. The game rocketed to the number one Top Seller spot on Steam, beating AAA title Dead Space 2. Read on for more details.

Talking to VG247, the game’s producer Shams Jorjani said: “The reception for Magicka has been better than we dared to hope, watching the numerous YouTube clips of gamers and editors worldwide laughing themselves senseless as they misfire spells left and right as well as the comments on twitter and forums show us people really get the humor and the idea behind Magicka.”

He added: ““Singleplayer and LAN is what most people are currently playing but updating the multiplayer lobby and continuously improving the game is our top priority.”

The success comes despite the game’s buggy launch, with Paradox pledging to patch the game every 24 hours for up to two weeks to eliminate the issues.

Magicka – $7.96 on Direct2Drive after 20% off coupon(Game can be activated on Steam)

Direct2Drive (D2D) has Magicka for $9.99. If you use their 20% off coupon it’ll drop the game to $7.96. You’ll receive a CD key that can also be used to activate the game on Steam. How’s that for a Magicka Tip?

20% off code: 6DA9796E0DB3BC49649BEDEF1C42CC9A