Magicka Chapter 2 - The Shaman

Magicka Ch 2 (Attack of the Goblins) Game Guide/Walkthrough

This is the Magicka game Tip Guide/Walkthrough for Chapter 2 (Attack of the Goblins). A tip guide for Chapter 1 is also available.

Once the level starts you will see a cave that’s guarded by a bunch of goblins. Partially sticking out of the cave is a spellbook. The spellbook contains the Rain Magicka. Defeat the goblins and grab the spellbook.

This is the first chapter in which you run into the Goblin Ranger. You will notice that any projectile will knock you down while you have the Personal Defense Shield active. It’s usually a good idea to disable the shield when dealing with enemies with a ranged weapon.

Magicka Chapter 2 - Rain SpellbookShortly afterwards you will arrive at a town with a Red Herring and to the east of the Village is Gram’s Workshop. Unfortunately for you a group of goblins will wreck their ship and attack you. Not to mention Gram will lock himself in his workshop leaving you to fend for yourself. On the anvil is the Warhammer weapon which has a knockback special ability.

Fire works very very well against the bomb throwing monsters. Personally, I like throwing flaming rocks at the bomb monsters. Quick and easy.

Magicka Chapter 2 - Gram's Workshop

After you head north you see a troll eating a guys “wife”, which is actually one of the secret moose corpses. Defeat the troll and you can examine the moose for part of the moose achievement.

Also behind the tree next to the moose is a hidden sword called the Gram. This sword supposedly lets you one hit kill the dragon near the end of the game. It’s also necessary for the Stuff of Legends achievement.

Magicka Chapter 2 - The Gram

Next you will come up to a checkpoint. To the east of the checkpoint you will see a river. If you freeze the river and travel North you can walk through a tree which leads you to a secret area. The secret area contains the Sword of Masters (which is really the Master Sword from Zelda!). The Sword of Masters has a special ability where it will shoot out Arcane energy if your health is full. Pretty sweet.

Magicka Chapter 2 - RiverMagicka Chapter 2 - Tree TrunkOnce past the river, you will eventually come upon a Shaman and his gang of goblins at an alter. They will try to mob you for your robes.

Just a tip but a good way to defeat the goblins is by using area of effect spells such as a water spell (such as QQQQQ then Shift + Mouse2), then freezing them (RRRRR then Shift + Mouse2), then Lightning Arcane (ASASA then Shift + Mouse2). You can just spam that and they’ll die pretty fast. The shaman likes to cast the Water Beam spell so it’s not a bad idea to cast water resistance (QE then Mouse3).

The Shaman drops The Rod of Emergency Teleport staff and the Magicka spellbook for Nullify is sitting near the alter.

Magicka Chapter 2 - The Shaman

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  1. water spell (such as QQQQQ then Shift + Mouse2), then freezing them (RRRRR then Shift + Mouse2), then Lightning Arcane (ASASA then Shift + Mouse2).” but then you get zapped because you are still wet from the lightning!

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